Sometimes you’re in the mood for a breakfast taco or two.

So when you pass by a place called “Taco Shack” you know you’re gonna get your fix.

This little shack sits on the corner of Guadalupe and 29th Street, right next to a gas station. In fact, it’s practically in the gas station’s parking lot.

It’s not impressive, but then again it’s a damn taco shack so what do you expect?

Most people just pick up and go, but in order to consider this place a restaurant worthy of a review, I have to sit down and eat! After all, it’s a TREMENDOUS honor to be reviewed by THE Austin Restaurant Critic.

Anyway, being hungover, I wasn’t in the mood to read all the jibber jabber of specialty tacos. You get to the front, and they slide open this little drive-thru window and wait for your order. 

I order two chorizo, egg, and cheese.

By the way, that’s not how I ordered them. THIS is how I ordered them:

"Can I get uh… Cheese… uh, chorizo…and egg. Two of ‘em"

Why is “Cheese” the first thing I asked for? When you think of a breakfast taco, you usually think of the meat of it… the egg, (or the “potatoes” if you’re one of those people who don’t like delicious breakfast tacos.)

Anyway, I walk over to the seating area, which is basically a couple of tables under a metal sukka. (I know that word thanks to about 5 terrible years of jewish school)

When your food’s ready, you get it from this window:


Another drive-thru window. It’s like you’re doing business with a wall.

They have a fountain drink dispenser out here and it’s swarming with bees. I saw a few people quickly pulling away their cups because the bees would circle around them.

These people don’t mind taking 45 minutes to fill their cup as long as they didn’t get stung. 

The bees didn’t bother me though. I’m like a bee whisper…  Oh yeah, the tacos…

Check it:


It tastes pretty good. It wasn’t overstuffed, which I like. I hate when they cram 62 pounds of food in a tiny tortilla. It always ends up on my jeans.

I would have liked the cheese to be melted, but I’m not gonna go open up a taco shack of my own because of that.

Remind me not to write any more reviews when I’m hungover…


Service: ? C+

Food: B-

Decor: C-

Audio Level: Low

Bee Level: HIGH

Price: -$ (cheap)

The ARC: “If you’re in the mood for breakfast tacos, this place is perfect for that.”